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By double dip
Hey y'all Something to talk about at y'alls fun, beer , and frolic on 16 May. :D

HOW is planning a picnic/kayak fishing/music event for 300 people, soldiers and families on 17 October 2009 in Seguin, TX near San Antonio. We thought it would be pretty cool if y'all could bring some of your wood yaks to show off. Like a high end car show. Y'all could either do it individually or make it a get together for the group. We would have to limit total numbers if a ton of folks come, because we will be paying for food and everything.

Let me know what y'all think and if you are interested. This is all in the planning stages right now.

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By gerald
Fun? Frolic? Beer? Man--I'm excited now! Naw...actually I need you to clarify that date. In the heading it is Oct 17, 09. In your message you put May 17, 09. Tell us more about HOW and the festivities. If it's in October I suspect that some people might be able to plan that far ahead. I've been working so much the last few years that I certainly need to get out more.
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By double dip
gerald wrote: Naw...actually I need you to clarify that date. In the heading it is Oct 17, 09. In your message you put May 17, 09.

Gerald Sorry, Yeah - I fixed the date. Thanks. It's in October. Preacher has a pretty good handle on HOW and what we do if he is coming. We are the organization that takes injured soldiers kayak fishing. We plan on having a top ranked musician, food, fishing and activities for families. Basically a good old fashioned picnic and a chance for the injured soldiers and their families to get out.

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By Notimetofish
Double Dip,

I live right outside of Seguin and know quite a few people with the city of Seguin & the parks department. My wife & I are both active in the local community and would like to help out!

Please PM so we can exchange info.

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By preacher
You actually invited me openly? So everyone can see it?

I must owe you money and don't remember it! :lol:

Seriously, I'm always interested, put me down. You have seen my boats, are you sure you want these soldiers in my boats, or will you just let them look at them?

I'm ready to cook if you need it, even willing to pay for some of the grub. Let me know.
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