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By DarrellS
Now that the stripper is 99.9 complete it is time for a boat for Hannah. Gerald I really want to build one of your designs for her. Maybe at TKFBBR/Gerald's Bash we can get together and figure out what will work well for her. In addition maybe she can paddle a variety of boats.
Thanks for sponsoring this forum. Awhile back you mentioned you were about to the age of being able to retire. It looks like you maybe busier in retirement than at your job. :D I you wish the best for BrazosBoatWorks. I only hope I can learn a tenth of what you know about boats before I die. Seems like any problem any of us have had you have also had in the past and know what todo about it.

Thanks Again,
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By gerald
We're going to have a boat at the Boat Builder Roundup that you need to look at. It's the one for seashell--strider's daughter. It's a simple 3 panel but subtle variations in very similar boats can be astounding. I don't mean that this will be an astounding boat, but it certainly looks good and should paddle good. I'm certain we can build this boat in 12, 14, and 16' lengths and end up with a very nice boat. Check it out--you might like it.

I can also design a boat to your general specifications if you don't see anything suitable.

And last, because small paddled craft are task specific--meaning that you need to get a boat that fits your intended application, experience, and expectations--there ARE a lot of fine designs by other designers.

But none of them are as easy as me! :wink:
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