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By preacher

Thought you would get a kick out of this. My grandson seems to be taking over my first pirogue and rigging it to fit him.




This week we will flip it and glass the bottom then lay on some graphite layers.

Also got the Bumble Bee rigged and ready to roll.


This forum is going to be great.
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By gerald
Hot dogs! I like it! Just go ahead and put his name on that boat. I guess you're gonna have to build another. You've got a pretty good fleet going on now. Wish I had your shop.

I originally questioned the idea of having a boat building forum on TKF. There are many forums I don't go to, but the boat building activity has increased enough that I think we will do ok. There was a time on TKF when the freshwater board consisted of only about 7 members and only three of us were active. I made a post that was way....out there, and the other two guys wouldn't admit to knowing me for 6 months or so after that.

I hope you're coming to the TKFBBR with your fleet...and grandson...
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Man ...... now that's a shop we would all love to have 8) ....... I like the BumbleBee .......... now I can't see much but is that a '64 Impala?
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By preacher
TD wrote:Man ...... now that's a shop we would all love to have 8) ....... I like the BumbleBee .......... now I can't see much but is that a '64 Impala?

One of the guys who works for me owns it and says it's a '63. It was given to him about 4 weeks ago, FREE. I'm a very relaxed boss and let the employees work on personal stuff during lunch, before and after work hours and sometimes even on rainy days. I also cook for all my employees once a month and have regular events like kayak races in our pond or bench press competition in the shop. And, no, I don't have morale problems.

I always get comments on my shop. Actually it's the garage where I work. 80' X 90' with 4 - 22' doors and heated for winter. I got my RV and all this in it and still room for my rollers, dump trucks, service trucks, or backhoes.

My shop has just passed the design stage and will be in construction as soon as it quits raining. 16' X 24' 2 story with 9' ceiling downstairs, heat and air for the aged owner.

Until then is is sweet to be boss and use the shop until my place is completed.
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By gerald
Oh shucks--you're killing me. I've had 5 different boats on horses in my shop--4 at a time, one from the ceiling, a full 12' deck hanging on the wall, and another 18' boat hanging from the ceiling on the shop porch. It's been crowded to say the least. Luckily I've got two boats out of the shop within the last few weeks, one more to be delivered next week--and another to have the refurbish finished in a week (for the TKFBBR). That will leave only one more to redo......

....before I start the next great project--which will be something special for somebody everyone will know.
Details soon.

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