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By jbrubacher99
I’m planning on putting a minn kato C2-30 trolling motor on my kayak
Pry gunna put a few LED lights and a fish finder on it. What size of battery do y’all think I need??
By imaoldmanyoungsalt
My 1st kayak was a cheap 10ft Lifetime kayak that I put a TM on. I wasn't very impressed with it because it was mounted on the rear with an extension handle i made for steering but I still had to reach back to adjust the throttle speed and the on/off/ or reverse/froward. I bought the stuff to connect the steering to foot pedals and move the throttle to the front where I could reach it but lost interest after I bought a used 14ft Heritage Redfish off craigslist. I love it and really enjoy the exercise I get from paddling. I keep thinking I want to get a pedal Yak but haven't made the move yet. Anyway, back to the subject of batteries, I used an Exide stowaway battery from Academy for the TM. I think it was a 105 AH deep cycle and it had plenty of battery left after 6 or 7 hrs on the water. It was very heavy tho so you might consider going with a lithium if you can afford it. Either way maybe use a small deer feeder type battery (or 2) for your electronics. Not sure how much juice those LED's will use if you plan to do some long nights of fishing. Build is looking good so far. Keep us posted.
By jbrubacher99
Finally got to get it out on the lake . It ran great for about three hours and then it suddenly quits. Idk what’s wrong yet. Hopefully nothing to much. Gunna redo my wiring some what. Other then that it was amazing
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