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By RealBigReel
Got the seat mount done. Seat is ready for install after that area is filled with Styrofoam.
Sanded the bottom. Knocked off all the high spots. Cleaned it and then put a second coat on.


Compare coverage to the previous pic.
By tbone56
I see the cedar, but where does the balsa go?
Are the lighter colored strips balsa?
Nice looking boat.
Thanks for sharing.
By RealBigReel
tbone56 wrote:I see the cedar, but where does the balsa go?
Are the lighter colored strips balsa?
Nice looking boat.
Thanks for sharing.

All of the blond wood is Balsa. The majority of wood in the boat. If it has color it is Western Red Cedar.
By RealBigReel
Working on the foot deck. Laid down a layer of 2" 1.3 lb pink foam and then a layer of 1" 1.3 lb pink foam with some even lighter stuff (white) in the middle. The white stuff was a fraction of an inch thinner than the 1" pink foam. Sanded the edges contiguous, plus a little downslope towards the Mirage drive out.
Then I started cutting and laying in the 4" wide balsa slat flooring. Requires quite a bit of clamp force to hold it down right. So Last evening I got 4 strips of 4" wide bonded down. Used the slow epoxy with microballoons for thickener last evening, because it was warm. This morning I was only to get 2 of the 4" slats bonded down and that took all my weights. This morning slightly cooler so I used the medium epoxy and again with microballoons. Using epoxy for coverage and so that I can trust the cure. Other adhesives might work but epoxy is anaerobic.
There will be 2 of the 3/4" Western Red Cedar slats next coming from the back. This is for the fish finder mount to attach to.
Once all of the slats are glued down, the edges need to be filled all around with a light tan color mix of microballoons and then a layer of glass while that is still wet.
I was planning on moving my My humminbird 597 ci HD DI that I have had for over 6 years now but it is giving me GPS errors. So I thought I'd send it in to get it fixed. Chatted with people at Humminbird and the cost to fix is 255 bucks. Checked prices and I can get a new one almost as good and in some ways and better in others for less. Since I am going to spend that kind of money anyway, I decided I am going to let the old 597 go with the kayak STRIPER when I finish STRIPER2. Have an old Lakemaster chip I'll let go with it too.
Started looking at fish finders and I found that I can get side imaging for 500 bucks. HUMMINBIRD HELIX 5 G2 CHIRP SI GPS COMBO. Side Imaging, Down imaging, CHIRP, Navionics capable and compatible with my map chip. Also features AutoChart Live which allows it create it's own map overlays as you go along. More precise than chip maps. The more passes made the more accurate the map becomes. And then found the very unit I wanted at Hodges Marine for $446.02. Saves over 53 bucks. Chose free shipping because it will still be here before STRIPER2 is ready for water. Pulled the trigger and it shipped yesterday. UPS says I'll have it Tuesday.

By RealBigReel
Got a real good fit with the deck slats last evening. Deck is 3.5" above the bottom of the kayak.
Got up early this morning because I knew it was going to get hot. Too hot.
Trimmed and sanded around the drive mount and any other place that needed it.
Cut a piece of fiberglass for the deck and trimmed it to fit.
Mixed up 80 ML of medium epoxy and then mixed in glass (white) and phenolic (chocolate) microballoons to get the right color for fill. Filled in around the drive and around the edges.
Mixed another 80 ML of medium epoxy and did the aft portion of this deck. (Trying to avoid too much thermal mass in the cup.) Used a 2" brush for speed. Mixed a final 80 ML and finished out the deck fiberglass. Just barely got that last batch done before it went jelly on me.
The front edge of the seat will be at the forward edge of the blue Styrofoam.
Did a little cleanup sanding for this picture.


It weighs just under 36 lbs at this point. Feels really solid.

06/19/17 My 70th birthday. I was going fishing but the weather did not cooperate.
Sanded a bunch and then laid down a medium cure topcoat on the foot deck and surrounding areas.
By RealBigReel
Got the Humminbird Helix 5 SI Chirp GPS FF delivered on Tuesday. Been working on the FF transducer install. Since I have side imaging the transducer needs to be below the hull while functioning. It needs to stay down when I am paddling or pedaling. But I also want to be able to retract for transport and be retractable if it hits something. It hinges on "P" clamps and a 3/16 stainless steel hinge pin made from an aerospace bolt with the ends cut off.
The fish finder transducer well is directly behind the seat as you can see in the first picture. The 2nd picture shows the transducer retracted. The 3rd picture is looking slightly upward at the bottom. You can see the block in front of the transducer to protect it. The protective film is still attached to the transducer. The 4th picture is from the right side.
Things will get painted with epoxy graphite and then it will be difficult to discern as everything will be black.





Still need to work out the down lock for on the water and the uplock for transport.

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