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By RealBigReel
Starting a new kayak. 15'X28". This one will be strip built, mostly balsa and fiberglass. Pine or Western Red Cedar on the chines and fir trim. It will have pedals. Steering both sides.


The strong back beam is drawn inside.
Got started on the tooling.


Tailblock is sitting on the near end
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By RealBigReel
Looked over my shop and could not find any decent pine for this project. Went down to McCoys. Thought I'd check the Cedar first. Found a really nice piece of Western Red cedar. Nice straight grain and no knots in a good chunk of it. Setup up the table saw and cut a bunch of strips.

Found out my CAD model was off. Had to make a bunch of corrections as I set up my false buckheads. Picture is from tailblock forward. Runs the length of my shop with just a few inches to spare.



By RealBigReel
Both my composites and my Balsa order have arrived. $299.78 for Balsa and $310.12 for composites. If it had been all Western Red Cedar it would have been more than the balsa.
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