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If you are a business looking for workers or someone looking for work, share your needs here...
If you are currently or have friends looking for work and need some help getting your resume and stuff together please feel free to PM me directly for assistance.

I have 10+ years recruiting and staffing experience. I have literally helped hundreds if not thousands of people develop a solid foundation when it comes to the resume.

Many places will charge $250 and up for their resume service. I prefer to keep things simple.

$150 (1/2 down and 1/2 once completed)

Resume, Cover Letter (template), Reference Doc (template)


To those LOOKING for work! My thoughts and prayers are with you all! :):) Keep you chin up and keep smiling! Make something positive happen through your efforts!
One other thing, and it sounds obvious, but it can't be emphasized enough: make sure you proof-read your resumes, not just for typos, but for ACCURACY. No matter what kind of help you get editing your resume, only you know if you worked at that job three jobs back from 1986 to 89 or 1987 to 89.

This is not trivial, and it just cost a close friend of mine a job opportunity. On his background check they found a work history timeline that was off a year and rescinded the job offer yesterday. And he had already quit his current job to start this new one. He made a million phone calls trying to explain that it was an honest mistake, but he's SOL.

So, if anyone knows of an entry-level management position for a recent graduate from an MBA program in the Austin area, please let me know so I can pass it along.

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