Matagorda rig King and Cobia!

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Matagorda rig King and Cobia!

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For those who don't use TKF on FB. I went out this past Sunday to the rig at Matagorda.

Today was a first to catch a Cobia here and the current was just ripping through as I’ve never seen before. You couldn't tell from the beach how bad it was (or maybe there's a way and I just don't know it). It took me over an hour to get to this rig 2 miles out, which usually takes about 30-40 minutes. I could not do my usual loop around the rig to troll. Managed to just make three loops just peddling as hard as I could. When I was able to go upstream direction, I was only hitting 1.2 knots! And when I did make the turn, it was just blowing me past the rig. There was definitely more fish around the rig. Just could not get close enough to hook onto the rig. Both king and cobia were caught on the Halco Max 130.

Water was dirty along the beach as usual, but cleared up really nice about quarter mile out. At the color change in the water, there were bait/shrimp everywhere. There were several shrimp boats working along the beach about 100 yards out.

Fishing for month of July has been fantastic! Wind finally slowed down so I was able to make several trips offshore on my boat, finally putting some red snappers in my freezer, a 54" cobia, mahi-mahi, AND a 56" Wahoo just 30ish miles from Freeport! Not all in the same trip but all caught in July!

Below is a link for this Matty trip. Also if interested, you can check my other videos on my YT channel!
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Re: Matagorda rig King and Cobia!

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Love that rig man! I will sub immediately!
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