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By Mulligan
I posted this on the TKF FB page, but for those who are not on FB. . .

Went out to the Slabs to check out the Bull red action. My first time out at that spot. Wave and wind forecast was on point, amazingly. 3 BR total with gafftops and sharks EVERYWHERE! Caught the first BR within 5 min of anchoring down. First two were huge. Action really slowed down just afternoon and was running out of cut mullet.
With the last tail piece left and it being my last cast, hooked up with the biggest BR of the 3, right under my yak! On my Penn 4000 reel! Took me for a sleigh ride. Could not have ended on a higher note!

Met couple other TKF’ers out there via VHF, bigfost and btbrich2110 (?). I figured I'd catch up with you guys on shore, but caught that last BR after you guys left and lot of bait being hit on top water near shore so decided to fish a bit longer.
Hope you enjoy my YT video!

By bigfost
Nice talking to you Mulligan. Hit me up sometime and we'll meet out there.

I had a good day. Boated 11 BRs and missed/lost a few others. I would like to have fished longer, but had to be back for an obligation that evening.
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