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Just purchased a 14' Feelfree Moken 14. I have been wanting to go BTB ever since I saw the first YouTube video. I fish in the marsh a lot in my 10' already. Looking for a group or person to go out with to learn what I need to know to catch fish out there and safely. I am a school teacher and have the entire summer off to go out. I'm not necessarily stuck to Bolivar but I would prefer there because that is where I fish out of. My Dad also just bought the same kayak and we are looking to start doing this together but first want to learn from some folks first. Thanks! Let me know!
I haven't picked up my yak yet, paid for it, but it will be a few weeks before I can go get it. I am going to upgrade my PFD and paddle when I go pick it up. What VHF do you recommend? I fish for shark and bull red from the beach so I have that terminal tackle. Any different with the terminal tackle BTB? Thanks!

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