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By JohnnyA
A few my friends and I are thinking about heading down to the coast on Saturday. We will be surf fishing and paddling baits out . My question is. How is the beach past the barricades? It has been a long time since I have been down there and the last time I was there the beach was pretty much non existent. There is going to be at least 4 vehicles so decent parking and a place for kids to play will be important. All help appreciated.
By Wolfman57
Hey man. I was there yesterday and the farther down the beach you get the thinner that beach gets. At the McFadden sign the gate is gone. No real spot.

Lots of old asphalt chunks from the old 87. The best beach in terms of space is closer to 124 and 87
By bigfost
McFaddin is nothing like the days of old. Depending on tide, you probably won't get very far past HI.

Another thing to consider is that since Covid, the accessible beaches have lots of people on them everyday, and the crowds can be overwhelming on weekends.
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By YakMack
There is some really good beach between Sea Rim and HI, but tide can dictate your movement. I made the full trip from HI to Sea Rim, basically the old HWY 87. I did see a jeep that didn't make it when he went through some of that black sludgy stuff you will see in some areas.

Also, you will likely see some different BnB out there (Balls n' Boobs). It is an unofficial nude beach between there. Folks were nice and friendly ;)

Good luck!

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