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Alright, alright, alright....errem...So driving on beach AND sleeping on the beach will not be a true thing until after midnight July 11th? That is if you want to drive and sleep on the beach around Bob Hall or say further north near the Mayan Princess Hotel, correct?

So the weekend of the 17th is a go in this regard, that is if the weather and surf cooperate.

TexasDrew wrote:
niswanger wrote:
TexasDrew wrote:Surf Report shows 2 foot swell on Sunday if I'm reading this correct.

TexasDrew, which app is this?
Thank you,

Sorry for the delay, just got back from Port Aransas, it's not an App but the website https://www.surf-forecast.com

Oh may...LOL, been digging and digging both Play Store and IOS :) Thank you.
Rmaulden wrote:Hi guys! I’m interested in joining this outing. I’ve never been BTB before. Gotta say, I’m a little nervous. I’ll be getting a VHF radio today. I have two Penn Fierce rods with 4000 series reels. Are they adequate to the task? Also, what lures would you recommend? I’d be driving down late Saturday night and camping on the beach. I don’t think I’ll get there in time to get bait the night before. I have a cheap fish bag, a good quality PFD, and a VHF radio is coming, is there anything I’m missing?

I fished with a 4000 series Okuma, never had a problem with line capacity using braid. Some lures good for offshore are a Rattle Trap and a large diving minnow such as the ones sold in Wal Marts. Maybe you know someone that can pick up some Ribbon Fish for you.
SWFinatic wrote:
Yakety_Yak wrote:
SWFinatic wrote:

I called them yesterday before they closed. Currently, Billings does have ribbons.

At 6:10 this morning they were out. They said they should be getting more in soon.

For those of you that live in the Houston surrounding area and will be attending the BHP outing, you may want to check Bridge’s Bait in Surfside. I know it’s out-of-the-way a little but it’s not that far. I know that they have 5 pound bags of ribbon fish for $20. I am just throwing out a possible viable option for finding ribbon fish.
[quote="Yakety_Yak"][size=150][UPDATED 7-15-20] [b]It doesn't surprise me this summer that when we finally get a good long window for BTB that something comes along to mess it up. As of today, the powers to be down in Corpus put out a order locking down all beaches until August 1st. Here is the details on that:

:( the counts in Corpus are going up, in fact the hospital is nearing full :(
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