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By YakMack
Kings are still around -72 degree water. Found some rocks down south on PINS this morning. Just off the marker, Smacks were everywhere - and thick. First three casts were hook ups. Fish blasting the bait lasted for a good three hours. Wasn’t expecting the King but I’ll take it! Then I realized I only had two Buc-ees bags to put my fish in so I let the boys live another day.

Found some Red Snapper, Triggers, and a baby Cuda - and some Hardhead hanging with the Snapps. Maybe a Cobia too? Check the photo from the underwater cam.

First time at PINS. Won’t be the last.
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By Longliner
Nice! I'm jealous, I'd be happy with a few smacks for the smoker. I'll be heading out Tuesday for a limit of smacks but can't take the yak. Hopefully they'll be biting from shore somewhere
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