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Okay gentlemen, you say you like to redfish but are at a stump for good lures/soft plastics. Buggs Lures has a fantastic solution for you guys! Heath Hipple, owner of Buggs Lures, is coming to PACK this Tuesday, 10-15-19. Details are in the link:


Come on out to the PACK meeting. This is a great meeting to come to. Heath Hipple has been coming to PACK for several years. Why is that you say? His knowledge and lures for fishing are truly something for the redfish to recon with and people come to the meetings to listen to what he has to say. If there was a meeting to make for fishing, this is it! Come on out and check out the PACK meeting. Have a great day and I will see you guys on Tuesday!

BTW..... Buggs Lures does pretty good on flounder as well!

I know what you guys are thinking..... Why am I posting this up in the BTB section. The Buggs Lures works while out BTB. You can use this for vertical jigging for snapper amongst other things. Come on out and check out what Heath has to say.
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