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By Jack Trades
I had to get one more BTB trip in before fall, so I went last weekend even though conditions weren’t great.
Saturday about noon I went to BHP and punched through 2.5ft surf that wasn’t going to be too bad if I timed it right. Ended up with a boat full of water, but that PA 14 has a lot of momentum to carry through a direct hit, and seems to drain out the scuppers pretty fast. The water was nice with lower winds so it was pleasant as I approached the rig trolling ribbons. After an hour of no action, a powerboat showed up and sabiki’d some bait, then made a bunch of waves for me while competing for circle routes around the rig. I changed tactics and drifted just down current from the rig to avoid the PB and dropped a jig. Evidently there were a lot of spanish around, because I lost two nice ones right at the surface, and all three of my diamond jigs got bit off above the steel leader in about an hour. Maybe I need to start using steel longer than 6” ? The lady fish liked my flutter jigs more, so After I got tired of watching them dance on the water I went back to trolling as I made my way to shore. Beached with no problem as surf looked a little easier on lower tide.

Sunday provided similar surf conditions in the morning, and there were three other kayaks headed to MP. We had the place to ourselves until about noon when the party boat showed up, but it was slow for everyone it seemed. After telling me they lost one king at the surface and landing two spanish, the other three guys headed in from Walley. I wasn’t ready to quit, so I headed out further to the ‘HUNT’ rig, where I immediately got two hits on a pink Halco 130 on the first circle around the rig, but no hook set. I took a break from trolling and jigged up a nice spanish and several undersize lane snapper. The currents were really weird and unpredictable, seeming to be changing directions and going against the wind at times. After jigging up a bait fish, and noticing afternoon was starting to wane, I started trolling back to Walley. About halfway back, the reel started singing to me and a kingfish was gaffed and in the icechest. I picked up another smack on the second time around Wally. All the smacks caught that day were on the drift with ribbons and 1oz weight, none on the troll. One more long run peeling off line ended in disappointment as the hook pulled loose, bringing the day to a close. No fish caught on lures, halcos, rattle traps, yo-zuris, etc.

Overall a fantastically beautiful day on the water, gentle breeze to keep cool, occasional clouds to remind me the sun was there. Only ended up with 1 king and 2 smacks to take home, but enjoyed every minute of it. Can it get any better than this?
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By kickingback
:clap: Excellent report! :clap:
I love details in reports and you never disappoint! Thanks for sharing!

I'm not familiar with the "names" of the rigs. Which ones are "Walley" and "Hunt"? I like the first small rig on the way out to stop and pick up bait or to see if any keeper snappers were in close. If I find good size there then I usually have good luck at the further out rigs. That is what I call rig number one and so on for the rigs in a line from the beach. The big rig which I think is actually named "Megaellan Rig" is where I have more luck usually trolling out about 200 yards from the rig.
I guess you could let me know what rigs by number from beach to Wally and Hunt. Just curious as I never heard anyone call them by nick names. I know they actually have official numbers or names but never cared to look them up.
Thanks again and glad you caught some keepers to take home! :D

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