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By Ron Mc
all November at S. Padre jetties, we've torn them up - kings and tarpon, too on blackwater days.
and not this one, but have caught smacks over 30" there - biggest I've ever dreamed of
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By Ron Mc
thanks - a few weeks before that, got a 44" fly rod king.
The smacks are more work - looking into the clear water - can see the sand 25' below, the smack schools make a sine-wave through the full water column. You shoot out a sinking head, count down 15 seconds, put the rod under your armpit and strip the line with both hands. Spanish hit like a freight train but don't last long.

The kings seem to be milling about 6' below the surface, and will sip a slow-crawling retrieve. The difference is, hooked up. the kings run out 150 yds, and then the lift at the end is a real chore.
Too tired to futz with the camera.
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