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By DumpTruck
Had a great time with my bro in law down PINS Labor Day weekend. Caught a bunch of fish. Fished Thurs, Fri, and Sat. Beautiful conditions, only made Kurt run from 2 t storms this time. Limits of snappers Thurs and Sat, had really great king action Friday and didn't hit the bottom as hard as the other days, caught 21 kings between us and a couple snaps that day. I made a video of some of the action from that Friday.

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By DumpTruck
Thanks for the kind words. I know the intro is a bit much, but I cant help it. Might make a video of day 3 as well. Really was a fun trip. Hard to drive home to the desert.
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By Bwells
Well done Horny Toads. Intro was perfect. Poppers, waxwings,and flatfalls oh my! Anyone willing to drive from NM to kayak fish PINS is ok in my book. That is what I call COMMITTED.

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