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By Volkswatson
I’m sure you guys have seen these downwind sails and I wanted to see if anyone has used them and if they’re worth using for return trip offshore (as long as the wind is blowing towards the shore). They’re like $20 from China — even for a larger version.

Anyway just wanted to see who has used one.

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By Ron Mc
My buddy used a kite sail to make a kayak train with him and his two daughters (12- and 13-y-o then).
No question it moves, but of course there is no steering/reach - you can only go straight with the wind.
Since his girls couldn't take their boats very far upwind to begin with, they didn't get much of a ride (Estes Cove).
Also since we didn't go out straight upwind, their half-mile ride made for a tougher final paddle upwind to finally get back in (I think he was hauling both of them).
But it was a fun short ride for them, and also saved his girls having to deal with windcock paddling back in (they would have likely ended up with the same paddle, anyway).

come to think of it, he used it again that trip on LHL (my daughter was always a hard charger)
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By Volkswatson
I just know I am usually wiped after a day of fishing, so a sail in would be nice. I have a rudder, so I’d think it might be a good option on some of those winds that blow north during the summer...
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By Ron Mc
if you try to steer anywhere but straight downwind, the sail is going to slip the bow straight downwind - it's 100% jib, and you don't have a keel, so the rudder doesn't really do anything.
By SL1
Ive used a large golf umbrella and it works very well for a make shift sail. It will steer well with a rudder since you can move the umbrella around some. Better hang on to it though!
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By Ron Mc
mechanically you're aiming the hull, but you're still side-slipping A Whole Lot More than you're reaching.
There's no tacking or reaching without a keel/dagger-board, which is why Hobie Islanders come with a dagger board (and outriggers).
Even deep-keel sloops sideslip some.
My buddy bought the Hobie sail kit for his Revo 16, which does come with a dagger board, but he capsized trying to use it in coast wind, because it doesn't come with outriggers.
By Wag
I use a sail on my Jackson Cuda with my rudder. Works fine. But I've really only used it for fun and sailing, not real transport. But mine works fine.

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