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By Noeafpj9
Anybody going to be taking advantage of the great conditions this Saturday? I’ll be out there fishing the myan rigs area. If anybody would like to join feel free to message me and we can exchange numbers.
By Fishinganywhere
Ive been planning to hit mp rigs saturday for a day trip from san antonio but may not be able to make it with some car trouble, conditions are looking great and best of luck to everyone who ends up makin the most of the window
By Brucell
I can't go Saturday, I was hoping someone would join me Sunday. Weather looks good both days.

Message me if you would like to go Sunday.
By Noeafpj9
Myself and probably two other guys will be heading out Saturday. We will be just south of the myan rigs. Feel free to message me and I’ll reply fast.
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