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By Prof. Salt
I've been off grid for a couple of weeks trying to get the school year started and playing when I could sneak out for an hour or two. Here's what I'm doing after work when the wind blows. You may not be able to do this on a Hobie, but it's a real rush.

Thursday I only managed one fish in 16.4 miles of paddling at the BHP rigs. Water at thr rigs was cold (+/-76 degrees) and very clear. I just wish the fish had been there... Image[/url]
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By Kalait
Killerbee wrote:You were flying! I would love to fish with you but keeping up would be a problem! lol

speed boat vs tugboat=diffrence in our yaks lol

My comparison would be a tugboat dragging a 30-tonne anchor :D
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By Prof. Salt
The secret to paddling faster is just to develop the paddling muscles. I paddle four or five times a week, often after work. I don't take fishing stuff but look for workout opportunities. The marina downtown offers as much work as I can handle!
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By Kalait
I am trying to paddle at least weekly, hoping to paddle daily for the next few days as I am taking a few days off and will be on the lake.
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