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By bigfost
Not stupid at all. It's an old-timer thing. The DP was one of the piers, now long gone. It's location is about halfway between High Island and Rollover on Bolivar Peninsula. When the power lines cross over from the north side of the highway to the south side, you are there.
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By Younge Shark 70
I got 2 black tips, a spinner, and a red. All good fish. What were yall using for bait? I got sea ponies last cownose and caught my first two sharks on that. The rest of the day was slow on skate.

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By bigfost
All but one fish was caught on mullet on the bottom. I caught a nice sand trout and put it live under a float to catch one BT. Sharks were thick where we were. They were eating bull reds and chasing them out of the water like mullet. Quite a sight.
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By mrkm1010
I have not been to High Island in several years. Can you get on the beach at Dirty Pelican without getting buried in the sand? My son and I are going down Sunday. Any reports of Specks in the surf. The Sea Pony is in Winnie on the right side of the road if I remember correctly. Were you free lining the mullet or actually using weights? Sharks on balloons? 4 or 5 hundred yards out? Been a long time.
By bigfost
Wow Mark, hearing from you is a blast from the past. Yes, Sea Pony is on the right most of the way through Winnie.

DP has a usually hard packed parking area. Entrance to the beach can be soft, but it's not long. Usually a 2WD can make it with a running start, or it's a 20 yard kayak drag from the parking area.

Specks are there if you can catch the water right, but that's rare. For BTB I either freeline or put baits under a float.

If you have a fish finder, the most consistent action this year has been at around 15 to 16 feet. I'd guess that's about 3/4 mile out. BTW, bait is the key. Once you get to the area I'm talking about, if you find pogies working, you'll find fish.

Good luck.
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By mrkm1010
Thanks brother. My Son's first real BTB trip so if I can put him on à fish or 2, I'd be stoked. We may hit the bay at daybreak and hit the beach at about 10. Thanks for the info.

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