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By Ron Mc
my buddy hangs his boats in netting on hoists - he modified the support on a pulley system

I keep mine on sawhorses under the scuppers with kayak-hull-shaped foam blocks between the boat and sawhorse - very handy to work on rigging this way
I lift each end to remove the blocks one at a time, back up my truck with bed extender, and slide the boat right on
ImageFrom blocks are also handy for stacking boats in your truck bed
It's also easy to single-hand your long boat from a bed extender - walk it out as far as you can and set that end down, lift and swing the other end.
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By Kirk B.
I have a Jackson Cuda 12 at around 80 lbs. I have it suspended on a ceiling hoist. All of the accessories and all of my fishing stuff is piled inside for storage.

Kirk B.

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