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Peddling, as mentioned, is always better but it can come with a price. If you hit a sandbar, it can cause damage to your peddle drive. It takes awhile before you become experienced enough on a peddle drive going through the surf. On a Hobie, you can go to a flutter kick. If the waves are up, the waves will over power your flutter kick. One suggestion would be to place your drive in while in the water and keep the fins folded with the bungee until you pass the second sandbar. Once you are past the second sandbar, the third sandbar is usually too deep to hit with fins or any drive for that matter. At this point, you time it to where you are in between wave sets and deploy your rudder and away you go.

Most of the time I just paddle through the surf then deploy my rudder after the surf zone.
I always paddle through the surf zone, partially for the reason YY gave, but partly for better control. In rough surf, with breakers close together, it only takes a second for one breaker to swing your bow around, where the next can roll you. The pedals and rudder can't respond quick enough to prevent that.

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