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By narmour12b
Being hugely influenced by Ty Sutherland from 30miles Out I thought it would be a great idea to have an Hawaiian spear gaff for my first trip to the rigs. If your not into DIY stuff some really good ones can be had for $50 plus shipping and handling online....now for those on a budget or the “project guys” out there this is for you....

After searching the googles I couldn’t find a whole lot that what give me what I wanted (wooden handle not PVC).

So at your local Home Depot you can find rake or shovel handles for 5.95 and a 1ft section of threaded stainless steel rod for 1 dollar. Assuming you have the an angle grinder, drill, and wood glue or epoxy total cost comes out to less than 10 dollars per gaff.

The shovel handle can pre drilled with a 1/4in hole that I filled with wood glue and then hammered a 3/8 stainless threaded rod just a little more than it should. The threads and glue/epoxy gives a solid bite into the wood. While drying I cut the handle down to 36in and drilled a 1/4in hole through the rod for a 550 cord loop. After drying overnight I put the angle grinder on it to give it a nice chisel point.

Check out any of Ty Southerlands 30miles Out BTB episodes to see how useful these can be!
By joliver
Congratulations! Looks good. I did the same project, but I did not use the all thread and I wish I had. You might consider some type of a grip wrap for the handle end. Now, we just need warm weather, warmer water and good conditions, out there.
By yangjianhunt
These look very nice and solid.
Did the shovel handles come with the metal sleeve (ferrule)? I've been looking for these.

A while ago, I made a similar gaff but couldn't find wooden handles with ferrules. I ended up using round dowel which is likely not as strong as the handle wood.
I used a copper cap found from the plumbing isle at home depot.
By narmour12b
Yes they had the sleeves preinstalled. I’m planning on getting some type of neoprene or something similar To use for a handle. Here’s hoping the conditions will be alright come spring break!!
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