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By Harold Ray
I always enjoyed Mythman's exploits and posts, but I haven't seen any lately. Did I just miss them or is he not posting? I did a search and the last post I saw on that was January 23, 2017.

Anyone know if he's still on TKF?

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By Boomy
I believe he is still fishing, just got tired of the drama.

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By Apexx
Sorry to hear he isn't on this site anymore.
Mythman is a good guy. Always helped out those who asked.
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By Heatstroke
He still fishes and if you're lucky you will catch a short report of his trips on the TKF Facebook page.
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By saltykat
Mike has probably taught more people how to fish BTB than anyone in Texas. I know I have fished the bays a thousand times but learned pretty much everything I know about btb from Mike :cat: Mike TKF isn't the same without you :horse:
By huntingarcher
I am glad to hear Mike is still fishing!I do not spend much time on this site anymore due to lack of interest.Over the last couple years when I have checked in I noticed that Mike was not posting and I feared the worst.

Mike showed me everything about BTB and we fished together often.I caught my first Bullred, first shark and my first King,fishing with Mike.I really injoyed being on the water with him and saltykat, listening to those two talk on the radio sharing their vast amount of knowledge about all things common to fishing in a kayak.

I will also agree that TKF is not the same without the Mythman!
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By Drifting Yak
saltykat wrote:Mike has probably taught more people how to fish BTB than anyone in Texas. I know I have fished the bays a thousand times but learned pretty much everything I know about btb from Mike :cat: Mike TKF isn't the same without you :horse:

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By RedWolf
First people I ever fished with from TKF were Mythman, Wolfman, and SaltyKat many years ago. Good people all of them. Mike has forgotten more about fishing BTB than most of us will ever even know.
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By Big Perm
Taught me the ropes back in 2004. I see him out at High Island or the Slabs on a good weather day.
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By Cuervo Jones
Too bad he’s gone. I’m not a BTB guy, but I learned a lot from his posts. I’ve come close to leaving a couple of times too. But I’m a glutton for punishment. And cheap beer. But mostly punishment.

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By late start

You're as old as dirt and never could paddle in a straight line. :D
Next thing you know, you'll be asking about Jolly Roger.
Still wearing Tilly hats?
By joliver
Two great names from yesterday. They both helped me, alot, when I was brand new.

No doubt, there are "youngsters" following in their footsteps. That would please them AND keep the goodness, going. That's what life is all about.

I don't fish as much as I want to. I've spent all my time raising my three sons. School football and basketball and AAU in the spring and summer takes up almost all 12 months. It's been a good trade...great times and better memories. Even some fishing g trips, but they were younger, then. Still...I wouldn't trade back, that's for sure.

But I'm on the back side now and it's going to get "lonely" here, in the next few years. Hopefully, I won't be too old to get out to the rigs and beyond. I know I won't think I am. To keep my fishing fires alive, I still check back here, regularly. I'm sad to say, as you guys observe too, there's not as much going on, as there used to be, even during the season. I know Harvey hit millions of people hard, including the TKF team. I applaud my Texas brothers and sisters for their individual and combined efforts, doing all they could do to survive. Keeping TKF afloat had to be way down the list of priorities, but look... they did it. I can't thank you guys enough for finding the time to keep TKF alive.

I guess some have run off to Facebook or whatever. I guess I'm old school. I still don't do those. I struggled when Extreme Coast dropped and I'm sad to see activity decrease here, but I'm still optimistic. I come HERE to see the latest reports with pictures and videos...just like Mythman, Jolly Roger and many others, used to. I'm confident Professor Salt has been readying his vessels and tackle and will be paddling "30 miles", catching fish and going through the extra efforts to video and produce videos , soon.

Temperatures are warming. Please...keep the good thing going, here. Be safe...tight lines!
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By Prof. Salt
Mike posted a report today on his personal Facebook page. I'm glad to see that he's still whacking the big reds.

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