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Well it was thanksgiving morning so I decided to take my son out to High Island and it was a productive day. We launched to 1 foot waves, 10 mph winds and 53 degrees. We got on the water about 11am and paddled out about 600 yards. The thanksgiving menu was cut mullet on the bottom, one line was freelined and one was on a weight on the bottom. We managed to catch 8 Bulls in 2.5 hours. The action was non stop once we got out there and left them biting.

I have noticed this year that the bulls are not taking it and running like normal, they seem to grab it, take a few clicks on the clicker and then wait, so keep that in mind if your out there. The other unusual thing was that there were no catfish/gafftop bites all day. Usually you get a few slimers in there, but not today.

Overall it was a great day. Seems like the bite turns on around 11am.
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