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By GregO722
I’ve booked a room, so I’m committed. I’m planning to fish somewhere between MP and Bob Hall (first thing in the morning). Suggestions welcome, open invite to all.
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By kickingback
A few people are going as the weekend looks good both days to get BTB. Hopefully someone will post they are going and you may be able to join them. Good luck as it is good fishing there now.
By Ryanh1801
I would suggest bob hall rigs. MP was covered thick in sharks. I could not get out of them. Had a nice cobia down in PINS but failed to land it.
By Cris O.B.1
Good info, ill be launching at Bob Hall, ill be in a white camry with a Hobie. I would like to join some one if anybody will be going on Saturday
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By Fishtolive
That is Great. Thanks for the report. I would trade a day like yours at anytime instead of doing home chores.....:)
How was the clarity of the water?
By GregO722
I caught one Spanish just outside the breakers on that way back in. Nothing at the rig. There was a lot of action just outside of the breakers, I was just too tired at that point to stick around.
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