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By Prof. Salt
After the latest drowning death of a local kayak fishermen, I was contacted by local news about doing an interview on kayak safety. I agreed, and it finally aired today. I always wonder if they will show the parts of the conversation that are most important to me, or something else. I think they did okay, but they dubbed in some Penn drag noise at the beginning that doesn't fit. Oh well, they covered SOME of the safety issues we discussed.

Here's the link:

By jnd1959
At least they covered the weather, radio and whistle plus PFD. Glad there was some coverage. Good job. I've analyzed that clicker sound. It's a Penn 209. The clicker needs grease and the left bushing is worn. Also the leader is frayed.

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By Prof. Salt
Thanks guys

Jnd1959 that's what I'm talking about! It's nice to know someone else knows his clicker sounds that well. I didn't even hear the frayed leader (Big Game 50lb I believe) until you mentioned it - good catch! :D

It's funny, we talked about every safety aspect I could think of, including float plans for quite a while but they featured that little signal mirror. I think I know what her boyfriend is getting for Christmas. I :lol: At least they kept the pfd part front and center.

Tombo I have a fat head so it's closer to seven inches ...unless you don't count bone. Then it's closer to three.
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By Prof. Salt
Thanks Tom, that's why I did it. We have had too many deaths and they are becoming more commonplace. The gentleman at Bird Island last week just suffered an unfortunate combination of events, but most often it boils down to wearing a pfd, plain and simple. If you end up in the water and float face-up you can usually survive the situation.
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By Prof. Salt
vincegarcia11 wrote:Dang that girl is gorgeous!! Whoever her boyfriend is must be one lucky guy lol

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Lol, she said her boyfriend was a kayaker so be careful :D

She's a cool young lady. She is obviously interested in kayaking, and I caught a story where she was shooting at an interactive gun range the other night too. It's nice to have an outdoorsy reporter in town!
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By rattlesnake68
OOhhh it could have been sooo much worse. At least they picked one of the more knowledgeable BTB kayakers in Texas for the interview on kayak safety. They could have found some clown on the beach that had just picked up his first kayak from Walmart and was eyeballing the surf. We have all seen it, during a disaster, they normally seek out the first person with missing teeth and an inability to speak their primary language correctly. So, I'm kind of shocked and to a degree impressed that they looked into who could give an informative interview. Good job.
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By vincegarcia11
Haha yeah that actually is my girlfriend though... lol seen a few of your videos on YouTube and saw you were on the rules committee so told her to get with you for her story. She's defiantly the outdoorsy and very hard worker. They only gave her a limited time slot which is why some of the stuff was edited. Oh and she tried to upload your videos but the sound wasn't working which is the reason for the penn reel edit over

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By Prof. Salt
Not a problem Vince, I really did find the clicker sound humorous. I give her props for wanting to do a safety story; it's one of those things that really could save a few lives ...if the right people were paying attention.

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