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[UPDATED 7-28-17] Okay folks, Friday has arrived. The only site I have been looking at that has something different than the others is Windfinder. All the other sites, for the most part, are fairly consistent. Even though Windfinder is off from the others, things still show to be doable. I am seeing surf between 1 - 2 ft throughout the day. That's a "go." The swells early morning are a little over 2 ft but are averaging at 1.5 throughout the day. I wish that it will lower even more (and it still can within the next few days) but I can work with that. The winds are topping off around 14 mph early in the morning but dropping substantially throughout the day to low single digit numbers. There is showing to be no rain to 10% so that's good. The ride out on the water may be a little bit up and down for some of you in the morning but as the day progresses, the swells should subside some making it better. What does that mean? This means that you may want to take some Dramamine if you are susceptible to motion sickness easily. If you are used to the water, it should not be a problem. Sunday is a "Go". If something changes when I get up there on Saturday, I will definitely make another update on here or you can call me. 832-588-7091 Please don't call on Sunday morning because if things look good, I will be getting my yak ready to hit the water. If you feel that these conditions are not to your liking, I will tell you this much. Monday is looking next to flat conditions for surf/swells. You could see if anyone can stay for Monday and try things then. I have to head back Sunday so I will be unable to stick around for Monday. If I could change one thing, it would be to switch days with Monday but I know that many people work during the week. Sunday should be just fine though. For those that are spending the night on Saturday, hit me up. I'd love to meet ya. I will be getting to BHP around 3pm Saturday. Y'all have a great Friday and I will see you guys at the beach come Sunday.

[UPDATED 7-27-17] It's Thursday morning and I just finished looking at a few sites to see how things will measure up for Sunday. So far things are still looking great! I will make an update on here tomorrow letting everyone know if this outing is a go or not. Keep your fingers crossed!

Hello to all my fellow kayaking friends. Just like last summer 2016, I wanted to do something again for this summer 2017 in regards to BTB kayak fishing for new people (of course intermediate and advanced kayakers are welcome). Three years ago in July I put together a BTB trip for anyone that wanted to get out to do BTB at Surfside. This included kayakers of all levels. It was awesome! We had a total of 34 kayakers that made it out that day. Many just went to the buoys while others went to the 5-mile rig. It was really cool to see that many yaks out on the water. Some of the people that fished off of the jettys at Surfside thought that there was a tournament going on with that many kayaks launching, lol. Two years ago in July I ran another one of these events except it was run out of Corpus Christi instead of Surfside. We had many more show up than the previous year. This trip was a huge success! I believe all the new kayakers caught kings that day and I would say around 70% of the new kayakers limited out on kings. On top of it all, even some of the new kayakers caught cobia. What an amazing day on the water it was!! Finally, last summer the event was run out of Corpus Christi again since it did so well from the prior year. Over that weekend, we had over 100 kayakers fish out at Bob Hall Pier beachline all the way to the rig. Once again, another successful event was held!

Since Corpus Christi was such a huge success, this year I’m going to do it at Corpus Christi again out at Bob Hall. The way it works is we all meet just south of Ball Hall Pier on the beach and make our way on out to the standpipe to try our luck at smacks, kings, and anything else that we can get into. If you are new to BTB, this would be a great trip to try out. The standpipe is not far offshore (maybe a mile) and there will be plenty of support out on the water with all the kayakers that will be fishing with us. This is not a tournament or an event (this is merely an open invite to anyone that wants to attend). It's just a way to get all levels of kayakers out on the water and to have fun hanging out while fishing. In addition to things, PACK (Paddling Anglers in Canoes and Kayaks) will be doing this trip as well. PACK is a kayak organization that has been around in Houston for a very long time. For more details on this organization, here is the link: http://www.packtx.org

The game plan is for everyone to meet just south of Bob Hall Pier on the beach at 6:00am Sunday, July 23rd. We will launch around 7:00am. There will be a short meeting before hand to answer any questions by anyone. There will be plenty of experienced kayakers there that can answer anything.

The exact location we will meet at and where quite a few will be camping at is as such. Once you get to Bob Hall Pier, go south on to the beach. Once on the beach, continue for a brief moment until you see Access Rd 6 on the right. We used to camp out about 100 to 200 yards past Access Rd 6 on the left (beach side) but there is new sand out there making it difficult for 2wd vehicles to get through and the tides have been coming up fairly high making it tough to camp on the beach side. What we are doing now is we are camping on the right up along the dune side right after you pass Access Rd 6.

*****In regards to a backup date, here is how that works. The backup date will fall to the following weekend until we have a good weekend to have this activity. Hopefully the weather will be good and we can all get out on July 23rd. If interested, post your name on here and I will add you to the list.*****


01 Blake Colburn – tkf: Yakety_Yak
02 Adan V. - tkf: adanvjr
03 Aldo
04 Alex
05 Ali
06 Ancil Mitchell - tkf: Trinicaster
07 Blesson - tkf: flykool25
08 Blaine - tkf: Mr. B
09 Charlie - tkf: kickingback
10 Charles Osborn
11 Carlos - tkf: F n H Outfitter
12 Chris - tkf: Justlucky48
13 Tony Sebren
14/15 Craig Cary +1 - tkf: Txyakster & unknown
16 Danny
17 David
18 David Beier
19 David Lahaire
20 Esteban - tkf: M5 YAKIN
21 Elmer- tkf: RudderKing
22 Chase
23 Fei - tkf: karyuu
24 Frank
25 Frank
26 Frank Naranjo- tkf: bushwing
27 David - tkf: TrailChaser
28 Duy - tkf: duweezy
29 Chris Arceneaux
30 Dave Roberts
31 Cliff Johnson - tkf: forager
32 Bryan - tkf: BKT
33 George
34 George Hensley - tkf: Gwh753
35 Bill Emery - tkf: txvike
36 Jacob - tkf: Jakec1
37 Antonio - tkf: cayuco
38 James - tkf: Jedi
39 Jason
40 Jason - tkf: jps1542
41 James Jurica - tkf: Reef Donkey
42 Jantzen Miller - tkf: FlounderGuru84
43 Devon - tkf: Eat Sleep Fish
44 Jeff
45 Jeremy - tkf: El Gato Diablo
46 Jermaine - tkf: 504boy
47 Jesse Sandoval - tkf: yakity-yak
48 Joel
49 Joel - tkf: jwmcleod
50 Justin
51 John Shannon - tkf: sheriff_john
52 Karl Brindell - tkf: NOLA Yakker
53 Justin - tkf: Poolio
54 Ken - tkf: The Ken
55 Frank - tkf: chummin4chumps
56 Kit
57 Kyle - tkf: kvw22
58 Matt - tkf: TxTitan
59 Michael - tkf: apd448
60 Mike Flores - tkf: fishin Ninja
61 Mike Smalley
62 Scott
63 Matt - tkf: whiskerfrisker
64 Mike - tkf: Yakntx
65 Brad Valtierra - tkf: HobieBro
66 Nathan
67 Keith - tkf: SaltwaterSmith
68 Neil
69 Pat - tkf: LOOKN4REDS
70 Matt - tkf: Datchew
71 Ron Christensen - tkf: rac
72 Rick
73 Odis - tkf: on a mission
74 Sharpe - tkf: Sharpest
75 Stephen Lisle - tkf: skltex
76 Tony Aguirre - tkf: taguirre1965
77 Thomas Kent - tkf: teen Yaker
78 Ronald Kent
79 Walter Gonzalez - tkf: Walteezy
80 Shawn Faris - tkf: 5x5
81 Tom - tkf: TopCat
82 Tino - tkf: cabrego
83 Dave Spicer - tkf: 68rouge
84 tkf: Boxermaniac98
85 tkf: Ciguatera
86 tkf: Engleman
87 tkf: Poseidon01
88 tkf: Redman27
89 tkf: tinhmaster
90 Ralph - tkf: r12338
91 tkf: The Roach
92 Tyler - tkf: Angler Runk
93/94 tkf: mattrocco83 & wife
95 tkf: Engleman
96 tkf: GregO722
97 tkf: Yak Dog
98 tkf: s1rGr1nG0
99 Dan Leonard - tkf: dan.leonard
100 Uncle Paul- tkf: paul.inclán
101 Jacob -tkf: Whole_Z
102 tkf: Noeafpj9
103 tkf: EasySix
104 tkf: hookd
105/106 tkf: JBM & son
107 tkf: Ryanh1801
108 Ricardo Veloz - tkf: Elvelozpotosino
109 tkf: wesmyers
110 tkf: Kayak Drifter
111/112/113 tkf: Blue Devil 7 & two unknowns
114/115/116 tkf: boricualouie +2
117 Bruce - tkf: Brucell
118 tkf: fisherman1968
119 tkf: 1ManCrew
120 tkf: RTMont
121 tkf: titanic2

So far we have 121 kayakers going. These are people that are going or are a maybe. Who else wants to go. Post up on this thread and I will be happy to add you to the list.

The address to Bob Hall Pier is.....
15820 Park Rd 22
Corpus Christi, TX 78418
(361) 949-0499

PS: As it gets closer to the date, I will make a post on here a few days before (the morning of Thursday, July 20th) to let everyone know if conditions/weather is good or not so that nobody makes a trip for nothing. PLEASE MAKE SUER YOU ARE CHECKING THE THREAD FOR UPDATES AS IT GETS CLOSER SO THAT YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON. SOMETIMES IT COULD COME DOWN TO THE FINAL DAY BEFORE THE OUTING BEFORE THINGS COULD CHANGE. If things look debatable, I will cancel to be on the safe side. As stated above if the trip gets canceled, I will reschedule on the date mentioned in this thread.

If you are new to BTB and this is your first trip out or if you have gone out but not very much and still fairly new to BTB, please read. A few things you may need to know before hitting the water. First and foremost, please make sure you have your PFD on you at all times. The law states that you must have a PFD in the vessel at all times with you if you are 17 years of age and older (if under 17, you are required to have it on) but if you flip over and the PFD is not on your body, what good is it doing you? It would be worth your time to buy a good quality PFD and not the $9.99 version at Academy.

Another thing I would recommend investing into is a quality VHF radio. There are so many reasons as to why you should have a radio on you when you are on the water BTB kayak fishing of which I will not get into. If you need to figure out a good radio to purchase, please feel free to call (832-588-7091)/PM me or even post up in the forum. There is a lot of good kayak fishermen on here that can help with that. If you do not have a radio, of which I hope everyone does, stay with a group of people while on the water. Safety is in numbers and the more people you can be fishing close to, the better.

Just a few items that people mentioned that were new last year that said they needed to get the most but they didn’t already have were (in no particular order but I would hope the radio was at the top, lol) 1) radio 2) gaff 3) fish bag.

When we arrive in the morning during the meeting, a few ground rules will be covered to make sure all the new people are on the same page. For the intermediate and advanced fishermen, you guys are good to go but while we are explaining things if there is anything left out, please feel free to chime in. I also would like to say that when you show up to fish, please make sure you have enough tackle. There is nothing worse than showing up and not having the correct tackle or hardly any tackle and asking everyone to borrow their stuff. It's one thing if you need a swivel but to borrow someone's $20 Waxwing lure, only to have a break-off and lose it, that's not good. Unless you are plan on paying for that lure, it's better to show up with your own tackle. If you are not sure what to show up with, please ask on this thread. I can tell you for sure to make or buy king fish leaders (the key bait for these is ribbon fish or even live bait). If you want to make king fish leaders, check out Prof. Salt's YouTube channel (click on the link I have provided). He has a video in there that explains how to make king fish leaders and it’s really good. http://tiny.cc/3zdxby

If you do camp on the beach, make sure you purchase a beach pass which can be purchased at any Stripes Gas Station. From what I have been told, if you camp on the beach past Access Road 6, no beach pass is necessary (I will be getting a beach pass just in case. I know I will be back again quite a few times and I will get my money’s worth out of it.). The beach pass is $12.00 which is good for the entire year. Hopefully we can all get out there, have a great time, and catch some fish!

For those of you that have any questions, please feel free to post on this thread, PM me on TKF, or give me a call. 832-588-7091

One last thing..... BHP sells frozen bait but not ribbon fish. If you want frozen ribbon fish for your king leaders, you will need to call the local bait shops in the area to see who carries it. Always call before going up to see if the shops have plenty of ribbon fish. Some suggestions for bait shops that carry ribbon fish are:

Red Dot Pier
11801 S. Padre Island Dr.
Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Roy’s Bait & Tackle Outfitters
7613 S. Padre Island Dr.
Corpus Christi, TX 78412

Billings Bait Stand
13428 S. Padre Island Dr.
Corpus Christi, TX 78418
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FYI, large gatherings like this require permits, not just the beach pass. Found this out setting up for Extreme last year. The City and County are starting to crack down on random events. Bob Hallbis CCPD and Nueces County jurisdiction. Also, you may be ticketed or towed if parked against the dunes, learned this from King of the Beach last year.

Good luck and stay safe.

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The last few years I have been parking on the beach side because the sand up against the dunes was too thick. Also, by keeping myself a safe distance from high tide, I parked along the beach side (away from the dunes) and I was able to not have to drag my yak very far at all to get it in the water.

I just got off of the phone with the CCPD. I was told that since this event is not something that people are paying for, we would not be ticketed. Only organized events that are charging would need to obtain a permit. My event is free. Thanks for the heads up on that, Tod. I want to make sure that we are not doing anything wrong.

Thanks Tombo for making this a sticky.
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