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By bigfost
I fished with the McFaddin gang Friday and the day started relatively slow for me. I caught one nice blacktip early on, and had a few half-hearted runs, that I believe were reds that weren't committing to the bait. Eventually, I moved out to 16 feet, where most of the gang was. After sitting there for an hour with no action, I finally got some action on a mullet bait sitting on the bottom. The fish again gave a couple of half-hearted runs before finally taking off. When I hooked up, I immediately knew it was a very strong fish and got off my anchor, but I had no idea what the next hour plus would bring.

This fish didn't fool around. It headed to the SE and held that course for the next 45 or 50 minutes. At times, it was running so fast that it was taking drag even though it was towing me. For the majority of that time I could do nothing but hang on and try to keep it from stripping my reel. Finally, between the 30 and 45 minute mark it started to tire enough that I was able to work it closer to the kayak. Mike, Bill and I had been keeping in constant radio contact as they were watching me being dragged farther and farther away. After staying down deep the entire fight, the dorsal and tail finally appeared, and all I could do was holler into the radio that it was five feet between the two. After the fins appearing twice, the fish decided again that it preferred being deep. The next 20 to 30 minutes was an all out tug of war. I would gain a few yards and the fish would take them back.

After seeing a few flashes of brown, I began to suspect what the shark was, but I wasn't going to say anything until I was certain. At last, I finally worked it close enough to clearly see what I was dealing with. It was a beautiful hammerhead that I'm going to call eight feet. A few years ago, I caught a 6 foot plus hammer, and this one was much bigger. Even when I got it to within 30 feet of the kayak, the fish just wouldn't give up. At that point, I was talking to it (yeah, like you never do :lol: ). I was begging it to just give up and not fight itself to death. After that long and hard a fight, that was my real fear. Hammerheads are one of the hardest fighting sharks and I was literally afraid this one would die.

When the end came, it came relatively quickly. The fish was suddenly just worn out. When I finally led it to the kayak, it was docile as a lamb, which once again made me fearful for its survival. I snapped a few quick pics and cut the leader right at the hook. I was then relieved to see that after dropping a couple of feet, the big boy righted himself and slowly swam off, apparently none the worse for the wear.

It was a beautiful fish, and a monster to boot. I was exhausted and finished for the day, but what a day. This is my second BTB hammerhead, but I hope not my last. As I said, the fight from beginning to end had lasted over an hour and I had been towed over a mile from where I hooked up. I couldn't even see the group when I headed back. I just had to head in their general direction until I picked them up.

I wish I could have taken good enough pictures to really show the shark off, but under the circumstances, these are the best I could do.






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By Mythman
Wow..............what a catch!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

We were in constant touch with Bigfost via VHF radios the whole time and he didn't even know what it was until the last 15 minutes of the fight. At first sighting all he saw was the dorsal fin and tail and said it was 5 ft. between the two............I then figured it wasn't a black tip as that would have been a record.

I only know of three hammerheads caught in the upper Gulf coast and Bigfost has caught two of them. They must like him!!! :wink:

A great catch!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
What was left out was that the shark pulled Bigfost about a mile farther out. I checked my pictures his morning and you could barely make out Bigfost in one of the pictures that I took with full zoom. Bigfost could not be seen in the picture taken with no zone. Great fight, great shark and great time. Congrats.
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By Sharpest
Badass, congrats!

While trolling on a 32' Cabo last summer, we came across a hammerhead that was every bit of 10' just cruising along. We pulled up next to him and he didn't mind the boat at all but had no interest in any of the bait we had on board. Cool to see regardless.
By bigfost
Thanks everyone for the comments. It was a blast!

Mythman wrote:I only know of three hammerheads caught in the upper Gulf coast and Bigfost has caught two of them. They must like him!!! :wink:

Chazbo says my new screen name should be The Hammer Whisperer. :lol:
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