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We fished two conscutive days at McFaddn (Mon. 29th and Tue. 30th) and each day we had 6 kayakers on the water. There was a total of 176 bull reds caught by the fishermen.

Monday was a little rougher wave day but we caught 85 bull reds that day. Both days Saltykat was the leader in catchs with a two day total of over 50 bull reds.............he can fish!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Here are a few pics from Monday:

1st catch!


Most of them were big and robust!


Paddle board............don't try this at home! :wink:


Wolfman strikes, again!


We had a little company


A few swallowed the hook but not a problem with my long pliers.


Tuesday the 30th the weather was "ice cream".......and the fish were still running big:


Had more doubles on Tuesday:


I love big ole bull reds:


We all quit early Tuesday as we had all reached out limits by noon or 1 pm. This was the way things looked as we headed home!


Two solid days of fishing with 176 fish caught and some happy kayak fishermen. Got to fish with some old friends and met some new friends too. A good two days! :clap: :clap: :clap:
We had a great teacher Mike. Had a blast, the last three trips I anchored up in the morning and never moved :shock: It's awesome not having to make that 3 hour drive home after a day of bull fighting :cat: Lots of doubles and very few snot sharks for me. Lets do it again soon :dance:
Love was in the air
I left my mark on them
and they left their mark on me
Shoffer & I enjoyed the BTB Bull red action with pros like Mythman & Saltykat. We only contributed about 12 Bulls to your Tue. total, but when I parked on "Snot Shark Avenue" I added 8 gafftop to that talley. I might have done more damage except for the 1-gallon leak in my Outback & losing one of my turbo fins out there. I guess us calm-water Fishing Attorneys need to toughen up for future brutal BTB action! We enjoyed the "running comic-show" On Channel 69. Kinkaid da like hearing Milo Hamilton emcee a fishing tournament. Hello.
Hope to see you on the water.
--Dandy Don
. Fishing Attorneys LLP
Awesome catch guys! I've been wanting to hook into some bull reds! I'm actually thinking of heading there next wkend. I'll be coming from San Antonio would really appreciate directions to this beach or area doesn't have to be exact spot
My first bull red trip awesome. On September 30, 2014, DandyDon and I made the trek for our first bull red outing of the year. From 2 am to sunrise, we fished some canal lights and picked up a ton of sand trout for fresh bait, and a couple of slot reds to boot. We hit SeaPony Bait Shop in Winnie for some extra frozen mullet for bait and then, at sunrise, we met up with Mythman, SaltyKat, and a few other kayak fishermen at McFaddin; Mythman, Saltykat, Coastie Culture and some others had fished the day before, and landed 80+ bulls, and we hoped to match their total.

We launched into near flat surf with a NW wind at 5 mph, and headed to 8 foot depths in pretty murky water. Guys started hooking up right away. Over the course of 4 hours, I hooked 12 hard charging bulls, but I was only able to land three, as the four got hung up in my anchor rope, rudder, or mirage drive and I had to cut them loose, and the other 5 I managed to pull the bait from their mouths. I also hooked 5 gafftop, but I had just purchased a new “Pacifier” stick, so I decided to put that to good use, ensuring that my bait was the last food they ever ate and promptly rendering them chum for the rest of the group.

Some screenshots:


DandyDon and unsuspecting Bull Red in a "compromising position":

Me doing my best Ray Rice impersonation on a lowly snot shark:

We fished until 11 am, and then, exhausted from our 10 hour outing, we headed in, leaving the group to fish for another 30 minutes or so. While packing up our stuff, I realized that I had stupidly left three trout rods with my favorite reels at the canal launch, so we hustled over there to get them. While en route, a Galveston County deputy constable stopped us, and alleged I had “rolled” a red light. He was right, since I desperately wanted to get to my rods. He asked why I was in such a hurry, and I told him the story of my missing rods. He then said he was a fisherman also, and understanding my concern, he graciously allowed me to go on my way with no ticket, which was very nice of him. We got the launch, and they were still there! Win!

Mythman caught 20+ as did SaltyKat, and the others did nearly as well. The autumn “Running of the Bulls” is clearly ON. Thanks to Mythman and SaltyKat for organizing and hosting. It was pure heaven out there!

Enjoy the video!

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Shoffer, you junior wanker! Are you implying the bull redfish was "pleasuring me" in my kayak? OK, you caught me. I'm desperate for kinky fin fun!
Hey men, you gotta laugh a little after an epic trip like that. As I said, we'll BE BACK. Book it, Danno.
--Dandy (& Randy) Don
Fishing Attorneys LLP
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