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By Tombo
Last year there was an offshore division in the Rey Del Mar contest, it was held on a Saturday and the inshore division was held on Sunday.
Don't know the format for this year.
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By Prof. Salt
I haven't seen an announcement yet, but I am hearing buzz that a local business is trying to bring the BWKC back this year. There is plenty of interest and this business has a track record of hosting successful tournaments. The guys who took the BWKC over after Kevin worked really hard to make it happen (I was an advisor to them but not directly involved), but two of the three encountered family/work issues that made carrying it forward impossible. If this new arrangement works out, it should be a stable platform that will allow the BWKC to carry on well into the future.

...I just hope things work out and they are able to pick up the torch!
By Noeafpj9
Rey Del Mar is a go for this year. It’s being posted however registration has started that I know of. It was a rough day out on the water last year so just make sure you’re comfortable on rough days. Hopefully they can pull through on the BWKC this year. It’s be nice to be able to fish multiple offshore tournaments.
By Noeafpj9
Well tombo we might have a tournament in the works then. I’ll bring a 12 pack in case I lose. But on the serious note why don’t we get something started along those lines. I’m always game to head down to the coast for some good times.
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By SAHunter1983
We may bring it back in the future. I was planning on getting it together again this year until my father was murdered. That sadly has put everything else to the side in my world. We may run something impromptu and old school with no shirts and cash on the table buy in later this summer if there is enough interest.

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