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Hello all. So I'm setting in Oklahoma watching the sea conditions and I want to get my dad down to Corpus for his first real BTB trip and not just on the other side of the breakers. Many of you know that I fish from a Hobie TI, but I'm watching for some flat seas for this trip. I normally fish the Gulf in July and August, but I was wondering if there is any real benefit if I wait until September as far as quantity, quality, and fish species? I'm seeing post and articles here and there about fish migration and it got me to wondering. I generally troll with bucktails tipped with mullet, ribbon fish rigs, and semi large diving lures.
August and September are both great months, but as always the weather can throw a wrench into the works if it wants to. The bait migration takes place some time in this time frame, but not on a specific date. I wish it was more dependable but like the weather, it's a crap shoot when you have to plan weeks in advance.

Especially this time of year, you might try pulling a smaller lure on one rod. A shallow or medium running smaller lure will mimic the bait fish that are staging up or running down the coast, and can catch everything in the mix. My other rod would pull a ribbon or something similar.
Good deal. If they are both great months that will give me a larger window. I'm fortunate that my job allows me to break away pretty quickly, say a day or two. Dad is retired so he is good to go so long as someone can watch the ranch. I'll be keeping a close eye on the surf conditions. I've got a bunch of your ribbon fish rigs made up and some modified to handle large mullet. A couple more 4" red head diver lures came in from china the other day also. And of course my trusty 2oz bucktails that I made from a horses mane. I'll be able to troll several sizes and kinds of baits for the next trip. Thanks Prof. Salt, it's much appreciated. All I need to do until then is practice that palomar knot. I'm going to try and move away from using the blood knot that I've used since I was a kid.
Good deal, I hope you get some good weather and a chance to slay some fish.

The titanium wire is tricky stuff because it stretches and slips within the knot. I really need to make a video showing how to tie the cinch knot and loop knot with that stuff. Those two are the only knots I trust with titanium.

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