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Magic Seaweed has it at 1-2 at 5 with winds 14-16. What I have been watching is the daily prediction compared to what it was two to three days prior. The predictions have tended to improve the closer to the target date. It's now trending downward but I don't know if it will continue. Thursday was 1-2 at 4 with 15-18 winds. it is currently 1.9 to 1.4 with 11-9 winds. The next week is not looking good now but that is a long way off. All the models have an increase in wind and wave energy arriving sometime either Saturday or Sunday. I am inclined to believe it will be Sunday/Monday and Saturday will continue to calm the closer the predictions get to actual...but then again, the models could turn around and spike back up. Just too early to tell. If Saturday is ok to marginal and next week looks like it does now, we will likely go ahead and come down. I would hate to miss the gathering (but it would continue my 5 year no-show streak!) but I only have two weekends and I don't want to drop a marginal one for a possible no go. Marginal for me would be 2 to 2.5 with winds 14. Heck, we can always paddle shark bait out. Fishing for hardheads is a lot better than setting at work. At least we appear to have missed the cold water upwelling based on the recent catch rates.
Brucell wrote:
Bassaxeworks wrote:Gents I will be in town during this and will have my Yak as well as my Jet skis. I may be able to get out that way and run my ski as a safety net for yall in the area that day if it aligns well enough as such. Keep me posted on developments.

Chris Dombkowski

I hate to be this way, but if you must have your jet ski out with our Kayaks, I'll stay home or find another place to fish
I use my Kayak just for that reason, no motor sounds in the water.

OK :roll:

Can I ask what do you do when you get on the water and there are 3 or 4 boats around the rigs when you get there? Will you go back in and go home?
Please, stay home. I am sure there is going to be at least one motorized floating vehicle on the water. We don't want you to miss out catching fish.
I guess I was abrupt, so sorry.
Let me come at it from a different angle. This will be the first time BTB for many. This is a kayaking event, let the new folks enjoy the first time out with kayaks only. It's not all about catching fish, we may not catch anything with or without motor sounds in the water.
It is my belief that kayaking is supposed to be a more serene experience, one with nature. I feel the jet ski will take away from this experience.
Ok, I've been doing a ton of research, as this will be my first BTB trip. Been fishing mostly for bass and catfish in the hill country. I have a lot to get together, gear wise, however I've been wanting to do this since I couldn't make last year's.

As far as rods and reels, I've watched so many YT videos, I'm a honestly bit overwhelmed, so if y'all could help me narrow it down, I would appreciate it. I got a few things from my research: 1. Fast action. 2. Long enough where the line can pass around the yak. 3. Needs to be able to hold 300-500 yds of line. 4. You can get more line on the same reel by using braid instead of mono.

I have a basic salt water combo I got at Academy a year ago to use for surf fishing. 7.5 ft H2O Express bait rod, with a Zebco Stinger 80 spinning reel that holds max 220 yds of 20 lb test mono. I assume it could hold braided instead and then get more line on it? I'm quite sure this is not going to be a sufficient combo for this trip though. LOL.

What should rod/reel should I get for this outing that's say less than $150 total? Or is that price point even realistic?

Thanks in advance!
220 yards of 20lb mono should be adequate unless you hook a monster of a fish.

I fought a king from a boat once on a trout rod with a citca reel. He had me to the backing on the first run but the good drag did its job and finally turned the fish.

I use shimano Sahara spinning reels with about 200-250 yard mono or braid. Must be careful with the cutting action of braid with big fish however. I also use simple old Penn baitcast reels for baits for sharks or kings. More reliable and cheaper. I can’t afford to lose a $350 rod and reel combo when a well thought out $150 one does just as well, frankly.

Keep in mind you dont need a long length of line because your kayak is mobile.

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Yakety_Yak wrote:rsdroid...... I’d be happy to discuss with you. Give me a call after 10:30 am and let’s discuss. There is much to talk about but I’ll be driving most of the day so talking over the phone hands free will be easier and safer for me. 832-588-7091

That would be super helpful, thank you! I'll give you a call probably around 11. 830 area code.
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