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Kings wanted live bait. I caught a blue runner and threw it on and immediately broke my line. Caught a bunch of lane, vermilion and red snapper but no more blues to throw on as "king candy". Other were out and caught kings, spanish macks and jacks. Hopefully they will post results.
The breakers were good 1'-2'but the swells were 4 seconds apart and 4'-6' at times! Made for a very "wavy" day and not wanting to trek to the 5 mile rigs.
Glen, Brian and few others I think caught some and should report.
I got seasick early and was feeling bad all day (yep, it happens to all of us once in a while). By the time the wind dropped down, I didn't have the gas to make the run farther out. I only packed lures and all three of my king runs came unbuttoned. The lures got some nice tooth marks, but my fishbag rode home clean. I did chase some bonito near the surf, and came home with one for a few KW points.

Water clarity is great right now, but as stated above the swells got larger in deeper water.
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By Oilcan
Some big swells and wind on the way out but thankfully it settled down by mid morning. My fishing partner and I found some smaller kings and a few smacks, mostly later in the day. All kings were caught on ribbons. No runs on a trolled Bomber Windcheater. I hooked what turned out to be a large shark on live bait near the big rig which I fought for around 45 minutes and was towed a mile or so north. The last guy to beach reported fighting a monster cobia for around 3 hours and lost it at the boat.

Thanks so much, everyone! Very helpful.

Thanks for sharing Justin!

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