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By Longliner
I don't know if I would consider this as a light setup. But I'm wanting to stick with light weight rods for btb and I think this combo might have the guts. It weighs about a buck in a half. The reel is a Penn conflict 4K loaded with 265yrds of #20 pp.
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By AyJay
I once caught a 45 incher on a quality 6'9" trout rod with a citica reel and 30lb braid, about 200 yards, plus 30 yards of 20lb mono backing.

I will tell you this though: On his first run, I couldn't turn him until he had me into that mono backing. He finally let up about 15 yards from spooling me. So, yes, the tackle can handle a king, but it will be a challenge.
My last trip offshore in a boat was using a Shimano Stradic 4000 series. Was casting at bait balls for what I thought was Bonito. Something else picked it up like an express train to Cuba. Reel was loaded with 30# braid.
Not even slowing down for one second.
Not saying you can't, but if you go out enough, you will encounter all sorts of critters.
By bing
for me, it depends on the platform u are fishing from, depth and fighting style
if u are on land or a stationary boat, big rod & reel and lots of heavy line. u have to stop the freight train before it spools u. on a yak, the max drag u can want is equal to or less than the balance of your vessel in the water. i wont use my heavy gear, lock drag to stop something that can tip the yak. i'd prefer a sled ride to tire it out. most of the drag applied during fishing from a yak is by thumbing the spool. the rest is common sense.

btw, it's only my style of fishing .. not rule
That outfit will handle the kings in the normal size range. If you catch a really nice one though, you'll have problems. I have hooked a few on a little 2500 spinner before and I knew the odds were not in my favor ...but MAN was it cool to try. I have had several kings lately that took initial runs of 200 yards or more (on my larger setups), so don't be too upset if you get spooled before the fight really gets started.

Cobia are a different story. If you can keep them out of the rigs, that reel can handle them if you take your time and don't force the issue. Good luck!
This is the only combo I have that has less that 300 yrds. It's an easy fix, I'll just strip off the 20# pp and replace with 15#. I was gonna use 15# but the store was out. I can ad an additional 30 yrds of 20# floro on top of that aswell
I personally wouldn't put a ribbon fish on it. I only get down to the coast a half dozen times a year or so. If I hook a 6 foot Blacktip or hit the jackpot and hook a tarpon (Acoustic Tennis, you out there?) , I want to be able to point the bow at the fish and let it pull me without getting spooled.
I've caught several kings in the low 40" range on a penn spinfisher 3500 and a rod similar to yours. They've taken about half the spool on the first run, but I haven't hooked any huge ones with it. I use it to cast with and troll a heavier rig.

The bigger problem with a rod that light is hooking a big jack. You can land them but it takes forever.

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