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jnd1959 wrote:Well, it looks like we will be leaving on the 4th. Won't be able make it down the next weekend so please scratch us from the list. That's the third year in a row I've missed this get together. Drat.

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I have taken you off of the list. If something changes, let me know. BTW.... keep tabs on this thread. If weather/conditions are bad, we will be going to the backup date and maybe that date might work out for you better. Stay tuned for details as it gets closer. :)
tastywavescoolbuzz wrote:
APynckel wrote:Might not be able to make it, because poverty. :|

you can ride with . even share the beer.

Thank you for the kind offer. I don't know if at this time I can even afford the time away. I might be having to move out of my apt some time in June. Life is taking a real hard look at the gutter right now. Hell, I might have to sell the kayak before this even happens.
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