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By Longliner
Longliner here, any one want to plan for an oil rig run for the near future? It'll be my first time out there, I just prefer it not be me alone, good company is always welcome expecially when it involves fishing in the big open sea.
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By Karyuu
Where are you from?

Also the swells need to calm down before anyone is going out.

Also make sure you get have the basics, including pfd, gallon of water.
By Longliner
Yes sir I've got the basics covered, now it's just a waiting game you say?
So Karyuu, you make these trips out to the rigs regularly? Whereabouts do you launch out of? I live in Cedar Park so my timing has to be just right concerning the weather and calm seas before making the drive down south. I'm hoping someone can help me with that. If I lived there it would be different I could look out my back door and see what the weather was like but I can't do that here.
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By Karyuu
I live in Victoria, and its pretty hard to time when it is a good time to fish. Some people just pick a week that looks good and hope to go offshore if it is good.

I have fish from surfside to PINs, all depends on what works out.
By Longliner
Victoria isn't far were practically neighbors. I hear what your saying about predicting good fishing times I think when we start to fall into a good weather pattern it's time to travel down to the coast and take a look, but it could be a couple of days of waiting down there for just the right day. But I'm only talking about offshore kayaking not inshore.
If it was inshore we wouldn't be having this conversation I'd already have by gear packed and headed down.
So if ever you foresee a day of good offshore kayaking just keep me in mind. Thx, Rod
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By Karyuu
Unless you are willing to call in sick/vacation the very next day for BTB trip and be ready to drive to the coast the night of the btb trip and be ready to do a long day of fishing and paddling. I would suggest you take a week off in the summer where it is likely that weather will be good.

If the swells look good and conditions are not changing, go to the rigs and fish. If this is not the case, plan on fishing just inshore or beach fishing.

There have been many times where I tried to plan on going on a certain day of the week ahead of time and found that the conditions shifted so the sea is calm the day before or after the planned day of fishing.
By Longliner
I sure appreciate the help. I get a couple weeks of vacation a year starting in April. Whenever you think we might get a week or two of good fishing conditions let me Know.
Your avatar photo has a kayak in it that looks familiar. I think I saw one on Craigslist identical to it. Thx , Rodney
By Engleman
I'm interested. It'll be my first time for BTB, too, but I have all the recommended equipment. I have lots of time off in April
By Engleman
I live west of San Antonio and can make it down to most anywhere between Matagorda and Corpus in 3:15-3:45. If either of you gets a day and wants a partner, text me. I work for the airlines so I usually have 3-4 days off every week. Thanks.

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