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As most of you may know, I build guitars for a living.....and theirs an old saying that goes "the best way to make 1 million dollars building guitars is............start with 2 million"....That being said, I DO manage to scrape by....... but right now I am in the process of moving to San Marcos, and need money for moving expenses!!!!!!! I have a batch of 6 guitars in progress right now, and 2 of them I put a crazy deal on..... one for $1200, and another for $1600....theses normally START at $1800.
If you or someone you know plays guitar, and is looking for something made by a guy right here in Texas, by hand,...with pride, let me know. the sooner the better!!!!!
I would much rather sell a guitar for under what its worth than sell my kayak lol.
Not sure what was said, but its all good. Fact is, I actually just called and got my part time gig at the sign shop back, so as of next week, I will be employed at Sign crafters, Birdsong guitars, and still own JG Guitarworks.
Ill be getting along just fine with that setup......Just need to sell one or two pretty quick, because the roommate and his girlfriend wanna play house, and I need t get my own place.
As far as my business goes, Im still gonna build guitars, but Im cutting out the repairwork, and all the other aspects that require me to be there during regular hours. I can go to the shop and build at midnight if it so pleases me!
And if its what I think it was, well, hey... I had to make another go at it, because I fully believe its worth gambling to follow ones passion.
I gambled, things got tough, and I fixed my situation. Im good at life, and never burn bridges, for this reason exactly.
See Y'all on the water!
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By Pablo

I know it takes politics and so on but a Houston guitar craftsman got first page of the entertainment section this week. Don't know if it's possible in the New Braunfels area but give it a go.

Played a little guitar in my younger days but not now. Crafting a guitar is a true talent. Wish the best for ya.
I know this is an older thread and I don't know if you will see this but if you do inbox me your info. My son and all his friends are into guitars and I can spread the word to them. Also for what its worth I commend you for doing what you love, in my mind that's the only mark of a successful man, of course you've got to take care of your family and all but life is too short not to make a go at doing what you really want to do. I'll get off my soapbox now! 8)

-J. Trevell
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