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By Tombo
I have posted about this on TKF before, just that I miss turning wrench's on older vehicles and driving them. I know Capt. Jack had an early Chevelle convertible, and Reel Drag has a fine early 60's Chevy truck.
I used to restore and sell 67-69 Camaro's and finished with a 59 Vette street rod.
I almost wish something would break on my Jeep Wrangler so I could install a Hemi.
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By Yaklash
Love that GTX. When I was a teen, the guy across the street had a '70 Roadrunner that wished it were that GTX.

I came close to having a muscle car when I was 17, but Dad wouldn't let me. Since then, this is the closest I've come to one. Frame off restoration by my BIL. Won every show he entered. I heard a judge at the Houston Car Show say it was in the top 10 of any he had ever judged.

Read the closed caption...
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By Kayak Kid
Tombo, first new car I ever purchased was a maroon/black interiored 1967 Pontiac GTO. Fast, beautiful car.

My second new car ($3,300.00) was a British racing green wth black leather interior Mercury XR7 (1969 or 70 as I recall). Great looking and driving car, but had a very weak and troublesome front suspension (that 5000 HP v8 was just too heavy, I guess).

I recently ran across a 2004, six speed stick shift, 350Z Touring Roadster with a brand new roof and only 60,000 actual miles. It has a new factory (not rebuilt) engine and transmission that was installed only 10,000 miles ago. Drives squeaklessly and like new.Couldn't resist not having such a beautiful car.

I have come a long way to restoring it to new condition as it had a few bings and dings in it, and desperately needed the TLC I'm personally applying. Not a muscle car, as such, but it certainly has lots of muscle.
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