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By Cubera
This mornings total in 6 hours in Pasadena, not a drop at our place in Utopia.

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By Yaklash
I'm at 22" and counting in the Heights but no flooding around here.
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By Night Wing
So far I'm at 25.8" of accumulated rainfall at my home. I checked and emptied my rain gauge at 11 pm Sunday night and then went to sleep. Just woke up about 20 minutes ago. I'll go outside at daylight, check the rain gauge, empty it and see how much rain has fallen during the night.

No flooding since my home is on a hill. It is not raining at the moment. Just checked the weather radar and it looks like sometime during the night the circulation of Harvey, the closed center of Harvey, is sitting on top of us.
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By Yaklash
Final total was 39".... at least - Saturday and Sunday mornings, the rain gauge had overflowed and I only recorded the 5-1/2" maximum that it holds. No telling how much overflowed.
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By Yaklash
Cubera wrote:My total was 46".
:shock: :shock:
You must be down around Pearland

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