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It's either "where's your honey hole" post or "be sure to like and subscribe to my channel so I can get sponsorships"

Team Ocean kayak, us at JerryB's and Team Kingz just did videos and posted them here. YouTube was just a tool to upload video out get our names out. Seems like every kayak I see has a video mount on it now days.

Also I think folks way they fish or drive slows down or they get tired of dealing with trolls too, hell who knows.

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My sense also is that kayak fishing has gone from being about using a kayak to catch fish to being about "being a kayak fisherman, bro!" That goes hand-in-hand with the proliferation of Facebook and ego-driven, sponsor-seeking blogs that are all about me me ME MEEE and my attempts to land rat reds and stunted trout, bro!
Witness: $50.00 for a #%*'n milk crate?!

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Traffic has really gone down...I check about once a week used to check daily, I really like to hear fishing reports were I can learn something, if their is video I just skip over although I don't mind a few pictures.

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A thought or three...

1) Traffic on boards like TKF is down everywhere - people just have so many more choices to connect these days - FB, instagram, twitter, etc. I'm on a gun owner board, a bbq board - and they are experiencing the same downturn, and the same conversations asking what happened to the traffic. No clear answers out there either other than FB.

2) Quite a few of the oldtimers that posted here several times a day don't. I don't know why - ask the gay pirate and some of the others. Those folks kept the conversations going - and started some almost every day. It was fun, it felt like a brotherhood to be a part of it. Hell, I remember reading pages about a picnic table. Those posts, and their conversations, seem to have vanished.

3) This new format. For me, it just doesn't work as well. I have been a daily reader for years - but not anymore. Today is the first time I've been on in a week or so - and the distance between visits is growing. I was even known to post a thing or two - if we were in the old format you would be able to see that - for what it's worth - but it's not obvious anymore. Or how long someone has been on the board - that was important to me - if I saw comments from someone who joined in 2005 I was much more inclined to read what they had to say - I usually it carried some weight as well. The way things are laid out isn't intuitive like the old format, I don't think it's as easy to read, and I can't figure out from looking at the listings which thread I've made a comment in - I like to know that so I can scroll down to see if anyone has commented back. I don't like it - and as an almost old guy I tend to be resistant to change - I know that about my self - but after trying a dozen or so times, I'm just not sure I'm coming back very often.

my .02
Chief - as for your comment "I can't figure out from looking at the listings which thread I've made a comment in - I like to know that so I can scroll down to see if anyone has commented back."

In the upper left you will find a "Search" tab (next to "Forum"). Click on that and you will see a link to "Your posts" in the drop down menu. Click on "Your posts" and it'll take you where ya want to go.

See ya!
Chief, I would sure hate to see you go!

Yeah, there used to be a lot of goofing around on here, especially here on the off topic forum. Guys just horsing around acting like....friends. I miss it and give it a try every once in a while, but it's dead.

Not a fan of the new format either.
It's definitely frustrating with the decline in activity, and I agree with Chief, this isn't the only place. I've been on here nearly daily for the last eight years, but have noticed my frequency becoming less and less. A lot of the main instigators of fun have moved on, or forced in time out, or haven't been in a kayak in years and the forum was more of a social thing as opposed to yaks or fishing. I try and post up fishing trips, camping trips, and vids as much as I can, even though I can't get out like I want. For those who also do that know how much time and effort it can take. And when you get little to no response at all after all your efforts, it's hard to get motivated to go to all that trouble. I just always enjoyed giving someone a break from the daily grind for a few little bits and take them along on our trip, like so many had done for me. So yeah, it sucks, this place not being the first thing that gets opened in the morning like before. But that's just how things go. I don't mind change at all, it's inevitable, and maybe the change to the look of the site was to try and rejuvenate a declining forum, I don't know. I personally don't care for it. Not just the look, but the functionality of it. But if it helps bringing in folks and more posts, then i'll deal with it.

I still read BB's ramblings on facebook, and meet up with Bigrock every few weeks at the end of the chips and soda aisle at HEB. I still yak, fish, photo, write, and laugh at my own farts. I guess some things don't change. :D
I was talking with Dean about the traffic and changes on Tkf the other day. We were taking about the uptick in water traffic on b and r and how the reds don't go there as much. And we were to blame with reports and pix of cool reds tailing. Now you can't go there on a Wednesday without four other yaks there. Also you could post a pix on the saltwater page with conditions and a I went fishing post. Last time I did that I was told to post in reports. I remember the team ocean pix of the day. Or today with slow ride or Kingz. And then last I blame my generation. We take a lot and don't give back. Everything has to be epic and over the top. I do agree this new format is challenging to navigate. I hope that things will pick up when the summer comes around. Also miss the old Tkf vs oso salt days. Just my thoughts on this. I could be wrong.
While stepping down memory lane
3rd Coast POC leg
A JerryB's demo day at Bluff's landing
Back before yeti tumblers became the "it" cup
Tombo and JerryB at a TKF vs. OSO tourney
Purpletexan and Jerry, 3rd Coast Corpus leg
Think this was after a B&R/LHL cleanup
Back when everybody was tagging each other's rides at launch sites

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