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By captMATT
thx all..... Maiden voyage soon. It's the German Festival for me this weekend. Dark Beer & indigestion for me. Cheers!!!
By texasnavy05
Catfishatc wrote:
msr wrote:
texasnavy05 wrote:New Lure 11.5 Just picked it up this past Friday! Maiden voyage yesterday. Absolutely loved it, except after a 3 hour river trip I had about 3-4 gallons of water in the hull. In the process of finding the source now.


Love the location.

Yes! Where is this?

On the guadalupe river in new braunfels.
By kayakmak
would love to post my rides and trailer and even a avatar, don't know how to upload it. can you do it from a phone or does it have to be done from a computer only?
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By Noplastix
New to me 2012 tarpon 100. Maiden trip will be Easter weekend in GISP. Got some rigging to do on her first!
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By MagicYaker
Copy from my other post......
Went to demo days and tested a ton of boats...Hobie, WS, Old Town, Native and Viking. Everything went great was initially looking for a more stable stand up type ride but luckily I am a smaller stature guy and could stand on almost anything. I tried the Viking Profish reload presented by YakGear owner Bill, very informative and all around great guy! took \it for a rudder-ed ride then went rudderless and according to Bill the rudder actually helps turn this kayak more than it helps to track. Rudderless proved very mobile and tracked just as well with rudder. Seeing the profile on the water from the other boats really sold me on it though. It looks like a kayak and feels like a kayak. None of the fancy propel systems, seat set-ups, etc. Just back to the "old days of kayaks" as Jerron from ACK said, another great guy. Plus the thing ways around 60 lbs. plenty light enough for me to load unload myself. I was really sold on it and cant wait to get it. Went with the wasp color scheme, was gonna do custom but would have to wait another month or so....
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Loving that D10T set up. Affordable and functional is my motto. Tight lines to you.
By Spectre5922
UST-77 wrote:PA 14.

Welcome to the plastic pedal fleet! You must be a big guy to mess with loading a PA on a rack. I have a 5'5" bed in my f150 and I'd rather just run a bed extender for a 14. I have a 12 and can put it in the bed with no extender necessary.
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