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By apalma
Two Hobie PA 14' on a trailer, LED lights on both Kayaks, more pictures coming soon.
Will add a box to the trailer but need some ideas for it.
By Untamed
Since getting into Kayaks, I hardly get out the boat.
2015 Pro Angler 14 at a tournament
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By Kirk B.
I low-balled in, but it got me off of the bank!
I bought a Pelican Icon 100X Angler from Academy back in July.
May I present to you: The Banana Boat!

No mods as yet. I have added a crate (of course!) and bought a gel-pad seat cushion to save my butt.

Oh, wait! lol I stuck a piece of the loop side of velcro on the gunwale to stick flies in, instead of having to throw them on the deck. Woohoo! I'm a modder! :wink:

I already know I'm going to upgrade, so the only mods will be things that will make me more comfortable or make it easier to catch fish.

Pros and cons:
Paddles easily for a wide boat. According to my GPS, I cruise at about 3.5 MPH. Burnin' up the water! :lol:
The floor is clear of stuff that will grab a fly line and make you curse.
It's stable, but I am not dexterous enough to try to stand in it. It may be doable, but I don't have the knees for it.

Water tends to collect right in front of the seat. Your butt doesn't necessarily get wet, but that is also where any loose stuff on the floor tends to gravitate.
There really needs to be a hatch in the rear of the boat. If nothing else, it would give access to the inside surfaces for attaching hardware. (This is another reason I know I will upgrade at a later date.)
The seal on the front hatch isn't that great. It even has a warning to protect any water sensitive items placed there.

Overall impression is very positive. I'm having a blast with this little kayak. I just wish I had a few more opportunities to get out this year.

Kirk B.
By William Parker
The day after Christmas last year, I took out my Heritage kayak for the first time. It had been my first time ever in a kayak. Ever sense then, I loved it. I just joined TKF, and will be posting pictures of all the upgrades I have made sense then later this week.
First kayak trip.jpg
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By Kirk B.
Holy crap! I like the supernovas. If I had a use for lights I would so be looking at those. Good job on the rig-out.

Kirk B.
By yangjianhunt
My ride: Hobie Kona paddle kayak, tandem, 11.5 feet long, 34 inches wide, No rudder
This yak was originally purchased for recreational paddling for 2 people.

Overall, Hobie Kona is extremely stable at 34 inches wide, tracks well due to the sharp keel at the stern end. I found I don't need a rudder in winds slower than 10mph.
It is not too fast, which is okay for me.

To rig it for fishing, at lakes, bay, or BTB, I added the following:
1) A customized milk crate that's shortened; added a lid, 3 rod holders, a side pouch for tools; also made bottom slanted (by adding a triangular piece) so that when it sits on the slanted deck (the back seat well) of yak, it is level.
I store food, anchor and extra tackle boxes, emergency kits, etc in it.

2) anchor trolley. Very necessary for fishing in currents.

3) added a pliers pouch to the back of the seat. So far I found this is the optimal/most natural position for the pliers.

4) Some gear tracks for when trolling BTB fishing.

What's missing and would like to have:
1) customized low profile fish cooler sitting in the bow. I hope to use fiberglass and foam to make one in the future. I'll probably be using construction foam sheets (home depot) and duct tape to make a box first, then fiberglassing over it and inside of it, and making a lid separately.

2) rod leashes for BTB. Horizontal rod tie downs for landing surf.

When I first bought the Hobie kona I couldn't find a lot of rigging ideas for this boat probably because it's not designed for fishing and lacks flat tank wells and not many people use it for fishing. I hope my rigging can help other people who wish to use such as boat for fishing. For me it's a perfect boat because I can double its use as tandem easily. And it's small enough to for single person use and transport as well.
Photo Nov 25, 9 42 40 AM.jpg
Hobie Kona rigged fishing-2
Photo Nov 25, 9 42 06 AM.jpg
Hobie Kona rigged fishing-1
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By MachewTexas
William Parker wrote:The day after Christmas last year, I took out my Heritage kayak for the first time. It had been my first time ever in a kayak. Ever sense then, I loved it. I just joined TKF, and will be posting pictures of all the upgrades I have made sense then later this week.

How you liking it? My dad has the Heritage. Modded a minn Kota on the back. What mods are you thinking?
Does anybody out there have any info. on Bakers Crossing (166) along the Devils River can you unload kayak and gear at bridge ?? or is it closed off to public ??
By LZN_Oscar

Just picked up my first kayak. Perception Striker 11.5
Picked up from Academy in Sugar Land (01/02/2015)
Just ordered a Lowrance Elite 4 HDI from Gander Mountain (01/06/2015)
Need to gear up before hitting the water.
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