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By FishNinja87
Here's my poor bastards...I mean "poor man's" kayak. Pelican castaway 116 Bought it for $250 used and in good shape. Lets see, so far I've added an anchor rope with float, anchor trolley system, a rail blaza* rod holder so I can hold my fly rod and all other rods, a yak crate with 2 rodholders a place for the anchor, knife and gear. I've also added a portable baitwell that I made from an old peanut jar complete with a battery operated aerator.

I still have to add a pole light, upgrade the seat, and install a keel guard and hopefully some kind of rudder. So far I have about $100 put into it. And no, I wont be taking it to the surf, only calm waters.
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By Parrothead
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Native Redfish 10

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Hobie Pro Angler
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By oarfish
david.james.troyer wrote:Just curious. What kind of set ups do y'all use for anchors? I have a small pelican ten footer.

That'll work....
By J-Dubs
Spectre5922 wrote:My new 2014 Big Rig the day that I picked it up.

Where did you get the Viking sticker on your back window?
By Spectre5922
Sorry J-Dubs.... Tapatalk no longer notifies me of responses. It was sent to me by Grant Montague (Viking VP). I think that you can order them from their website. It's gone now, and had been replaced with a Jackson sticker.
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