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By Bradleto
My new 2017 Jackson Big Rig. It comes as close to ready to fish as about any kayak I have seen: 3 vertical rod holders, 2 horizontal rod holders with tip protectors, a stand-up bar, several 1/4" 20 inserts for add ons, high/low seat, backpack, built in vertical tray areas for Plano boxes on each side of the seat, front and rear hatches are large, routing for anchor line, rudder lines, dedicated hole to drop a chain anchor, mount-ready for a Micro PowerPole or motor. The list goes on. Brad

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By mike.hamlett
Hey everyone.
I'm Mike.
2017 Diablo paddlesports Amigo.
Picked it up a couple of days ago.
This is my newest. Few things on the way still. Marine mat, yakattack paddle roller holders another fly rod holder, tail drag skid, maybe an anchor system down the road but not sure on that yet.
This thing is crazy stable and runs super skinny water even with my 250 and a full yeti 20. Image

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