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By SWFinatic
Came across this video and wanted to pass it along. Pretty slick! Keeps you from having to turn the kayak on it's side to insert a scupper style cart. It may not work if you're launching in shallow water. Looks like it needs 2-3 feet of water for this to work.

Here's the video- https://youtu.be/K2nJw0qUbNo

Here's a link to the clip he mentions in the video. https://www.amazon.com/Paddle-Button-Sp ... 7ZYMS5MYBW
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By TexasJim
That one's neat, but you need to be in the water for it to work right. A guy named Ramon Castro did a Hobie cart mod that helps you install the cart on dry land without tilting the kayak on it's side. My kayak only weighs 61 pounds, but after paddling for miles, it's hard to pick up high enough to put my cart underneath. I rigged my cart with screweyes, and I put the cart next to my kayak, lift the kayak on top of it, run two bungees with hooks down thru the rear scupper holes onto the hooks. The upper end of the bungees are attached to the kayak, with tension, and when I lift the rear of the kayak, the bungees pull the cart up into the scupper holes. Works like a charm.
I'll try to post the link here: #romancastrovlog #kayakfishing #sandiegofishing If it doesn't link, Google him up.
His method works. If I had a heavy Hobie, I'd certainly use something like that.
By SWFinatic
Yes sir Jim this method looks like it needs a few feet of water judging by the video which I know won't work for a lot of us. Just thought it was a great idea.

I have seen that video you're referring to. Actually he did 2 of them. Here is on of the videos he did. https://youtu.be/Lekmk_E8Me4

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