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By SWFinatic
There's a fish cleaner in Port A (Brad Johnson). He's by far the most impressive/fastest fish cleaner I've ever seen. He was slicing right through the redfish bones like they were trout. I asked him what kind of knife he used- Victorinox fillet knife. He said it's the only one he's found that holds an edge and lasts through many fish. He sharpens it with a Work Sharp electric sharpener. That day he cleaned a 3 man limit of black drum and reds (that's 24 fish) and never sharpened it.

https://www.victorinox.com/us/en/Produc ... -details-3
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By Ron Mc
440C is a good knife blade steel, equivalent to the X55CrMo14 used by Victoronox, and also used currently in KOA Coho, though they used AUS-8 when they could get a billet. AUS-8 is microalloyed with vanadium for improved edge retention.
Honestly, the metallurgy has more to do with edge retention and corrosion than the brand.
The brand chose the metallurgy, but what's specific to the brand is the shape.

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Looks like an outstanding day on the water!