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By Ron Mc
Ritchie is closing out their Trek bracket mount compass, and if you can live with Break-up Camo, there are some buys out there.
long shopping link
This is a $90 bracket mount with plenty of ways to attach it, and it also can be calibrated with a key adjustment.
They've set up the bracket to pilot No 8 screws, or self-tap on No 10.
The 2-1/4" dial is a lot easier to read than the little Ritchie Sport, and almost as easy as the larger 2-3/4" dial on Ritchie's larger compasses.
One set-up attaching the bracket to dashboard bar using machine screws, washers and nyloks.
One way to calibrate, run a keel string aligned on the boat and compass indicator. Then align your good chart compass, and/or phone compass on the keel string, and adjust the mounted compass to match the reading.
Having been through a bunch of leaking Suunto compasses, I've never seen a Ritchie compass with an air bubble in it.
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By YakRunabout
Thanks for the info, Ron -

As you will know your link goes to Google Shopping showing several buy options, starting around $33. There is a small discount applied then another 20% discount available and shipping is free, so the total is around $25.
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By Ron Mc
you're welcome - that's exactly what I did - great buy

I've bought quite a few small parts from CE Showroom, both ebay and google shopping - their price and service is always great

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