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By Music Man
Just retired and bought myself a brand new Kraken 13.5 and am looking for a fish bag that will fit in the center console. My Ice Mule is too large. What do you use? I found something that looks great but is in New Zealand and will cost a fortune to ship. Also found some other bags, Reliable Fishing and another brand, that look more like an over-sized purse rather than the tank well shape and look like they might work.

Love this new boat - the first new one I have purchased.

Congrats on your retirement and your Kraken!

Never been in a Kraken but I have watched some videos on them. Guessing your going offshore? That will dictate what size bag you need. The beauty of storing your fish in the hull is it keeps the bag out of direct sun so you don't need the thickest insulated fish bag in most cases. The Delaware Paddle Sports (DPS) bag is IMO the best price for what you get. However has rigid sides so it may be hard to get in and out of the hatch. I see lots of guys using the TCYC bags for storing fish in the hull. If those bags aren't long enough here is a 48" fish bag I almost bought but went with the DPS bag instead that looks really good but on the high end of the price range for kayak fish bags.

https://www.amazon.com/PROYAKER-Catch-C ... way&sr=8-1
Thanks for all of the great suggestions. Neumie - been looking at the Jackson bag and think it will fit. The Kraken and Cuda hatches are basically the same size and angle. The bags that are, or seem to be, designed for bow or tank wells, so are probably too wide to have easy access. That's the problem with my Ice Mule.

Actually got this for bay and near shore. It's fast like my Trident Ultra, has a more comfortable seat, and I can stand in it. Am probably going to get a Kraken 15.5 to do the off shore fishing.


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